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ive never actually drank mocha

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BLOOD WARNING while im here look at rhis new art i made

Category: SpaceHey

hrmmm i wanna redesign my page and maybe give it the same vibe as this art » Continue Reading

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stuff about meeee!!!

Category: Blogging

i own 2 cats, their names are ponyo and kona :3 i love the ocean... it is all very fascinating to me and i find it very cool my stomach disintegrates after drinking anything sweet my favourite season is autumn despite living in a tropical country that has never seen a cold windy autumn day in its life. a girl can dream i like wisteria flowers and i own earrings that look exactly like them please a... » Continue Reading

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Category: SpaceHey


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not sure how im gonna deal with the blinkies and stamps...

Category: SpaceHey

i wanna do something to tie my profile together but im not sure what... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

i feel soooo out of it idk whats upbwith me im just :/ ive justvbeen very frustrated today im jusy gonna play a horror game or sometjing » Continue Reading

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Category: Friends

i told my firend i got sowmthing for free from my aunts business for promoting it (my aunt asked me to)wich is true but then they asled if they could get something dor free too and i was like hahs yeah and they asked for a photocard holder and i decided to buy ut for them from my aunt but i didnt tell them i bought it myself so theh think theh got it for free when i spent money on it but i dont wa... » Continue Reading

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Category: Writing and Poetry

making oc stories so hard but i really wanna amke somethign coolllll like i have a certain character idea, my ocs (avery, juniper, sponge fonie (nerd patrol for short)) meet this random girl (i havejt figured out a name for her yet (I hate making up names...)) and shes like creepy and stuff. like. sorta doll like but thats just the general idea. ill add more to her once i figure out more stuff for... » Continue Reading

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Category: SpaceHey

blinkeiss... staamsp.... yeeessss.... hehehehehehe all the blinkies.... alll the stamps... » Continue Reading

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