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Please report Trish/Giffany/jaz - (MAJOR SENSITIVE TOPICS)

Category: SpaceHey

Im very sorry about having to make this but, lately ive been seeing Jaz on here a lot and I just needed to warn people about her. Alot of people know her on spacehey or probably have seen her at least once.  Jaz has overall said some pretty nasty things that are definitely worth going over. Btw this is just to warn people on this site about her and to block and report her, not to start any kind of... » Continue Reading

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killer fish

Category: Pets and Animals

killer fish. killer fish from san diego. I dont know what i am but i taste really good. I am a killer fish. hello, ill be ur killer fish for the evening thank you. » Continue Reading

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letter w.

Category: Blogging

no cause i actually dont get how much they disrepected the letter 'w'. all the other letters have a normal sounding letter like "bee", "aech" and "jay" but god did they do w so dirty.  "doubleyou"  literally why. likee ohhhhh because it looks like two u's i gett itt. it is such a stupid joke. AND WHY PUT IT IN THE ENGLISH ALPHABET?? they thought they were so funny .... give the letter w some respe... » Continue Reading

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hey sillies

Category: Life

hello people amnd happy mlk day too (which i spent going to the psychiatrist and taking stupid piano lesssons sigh) but its a bit better than yesterday where i got attacfed by a goose  » Continue Reading

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