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Please report Trish/Giffany/jaz - (MAJOR SENSITIVE TOPICS)

Im very sorry about having to make this but, lately ive been seeing Jaz on here a lot and I just needed to warn people about her. Alot of people know her on spacehey or probably have seen her at least once. 

Jaz has overall said some pretty nasty things that are definitely worth going over.

Btw this is just to warn people on this site about her and to block and report her, not to start any kind of drama. 

Her spacehey: https://spacehey.com/puffpuff

These were taken in a spacehey discord server.

First off Jaz has always made pretty violent threats towards people in the server. A lot contained really kinda detailed terrible situations which made us very uncomfortable. One of our rules in the server was that people should always censor trigger topics (rule 3). 

Though, she rarely ever followed this rule even after being told to. 

and,, never followed rule 1 either ofc.

Another thing is that she would often say these threats without tone tags whatsoever EVEN when we told her to use them.

Here are some screenshots proving this:

Theres a lot more to this but just too much to take screen shots of which says a lot

Another incident included jaz getting mad over what someone said while they wereventing in the vent channel and as a result they told the person to h@rm them selves anyways.

Sadly the message isnt there because she deleted it but my response is still here

Sorry for not taking a screenshot early enough 💔💔

She also literally admitted to being a pro shipper (mind you SHE IS 13 RN)

One of the most craziest threats shes made tho is the one below:

Its mostly even why I made this blog in the first place. Its overall made me very uncomforable with her and is a reason why you should report and stay away from her.


This was a message she sent to someone in the servers dms (aka beck), so I was not there when she sent it. This message was purely out of anger when messaging Beck. She deleted it right after though, but still that doesnt make any difference to what she said. 

And I know for sure that this message is not edited because i know they would never edit it to make it look like she said this. Plus i mean after knowing all the threats she made, i can believe this happened.

Anyways I hope you understand that i am simply here to warn and educate people about what she has done. 

Sorry if this blog is not much though, its hard for me to explain all this

Ok now enjoy some cringey messages from her 

ok anyways pls repot

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Made an account just to post this - This person used to be on twitter and in a community I was in, and they got thrown out years ago for the exact same reasons lmao (and a bit more stuff that I cannot find the screenshots for) , they really don't learn do they?

I'm sorry you had to deal with them.

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Holy shit, thanks for telling me man! I really hope they learn this time tho
Its still unbelievable that they are supposedly 13…
anyways i appreciate it :)

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oh yeah im a little late but my friend who used to be a part of parody twitter just sent me this too lol i didnt even consider that they would still be getting around somehow its so funny

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cleo !!

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what the fuck. sorry you had to deal with her toxicity, man. thanks for letting us all know.

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thank you sm!! And no problem, i just had to warn people after seeing her profile around spacehey all the time. :) real proud i did it tbh

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kent :3

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🦴🐾Sephieʚ(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )ɞ

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Jaz has never acted like this around in my server im just
In shock omg

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oh god

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mia ❀

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shopkin shitter

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dude and to think i tried to friend them earlier

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Erin <33

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Jaz was a fuckin trip dude, thx 4 making this

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No problem!!

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