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letter w.

no cause i actually dont get how much they disrepected the letter 'w'. all the other letters have a normal sounding letter like "bee", "aech" and "jay" but god did they do w so dirty.

 "doubleyou"  literally why. likee ohhhhh because it looks like two u's i gett itt. it is such a stupid joke. AND WHY PUT IT IN THE ENGLISH ALPHABET?? they thought they were so funny .... give the letter w some respect and call it "wee" or something. i dont care abt ur corny joke. You guys really forgot that u were making a full on language. do better you weird german pointy shoe wearers or whoever made this language.

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absolutely should be called "wee". fucking travesty that we don't call it "wee". will be adding to my vernacular immediately. thank you for sharing. wee.

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the W

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