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Category: Blogging

i think an intro blog is a good way to step into the wild i guess so hello! my name is julian! i’m 20 and i really like project moon (lobotomy corp, library of ruina, limbus company) (i havent read the other media yet!), cats, d&d, marine life, bugs (especially centipedes and stag beetles), chainsaw man, music and other stuff! and id love to make new friends :3 i mostly go by julian but i’m also h... » Continue Reading

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egg custard buns

Category: Blogging

had the absolute best bao buns today. i had been craving yhe texture of them since i had my very first ones in orlando, some red bean bao buns and the texture is EXCELLENT. ive never eaten something so pleasantly soft and smooth and chewy but not in the gross marshmallow way, the. the bread-like way they were egg custard and yhe “egg” in yhe name turned me off a bit at first but i gave it a shot a... » Continue Reading

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icewind dale cleric woes

Category: Games

i swear every time i play my cleric and am about to set off into a big dungeon or expedition, spell prepping is the worst TT_TT if we know exactly what monsters or what terrain lies ahead of us i can somewhat get a faint idea of what to prepare, like preparing a lot of healing and revival if it's gonna be really tough / a long journey or a lot of a specific element if they have a weakness or certa... » Continue Reading

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need help with html/css?

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

i’m a fan of messing with html and trying to see what i can do with it without venturing into js territory! i will be transparent and say most of my knowledge comes from w3schools so if you’re socially anxious if you look up “how to do thing in html/css” you will most likely find simple explanations in w3schools links!  HOWEVER if u need help w anything like pasting images, changing background, ro... » Continue Reading

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