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egg custard buns

had the absolute best bao buns today. i had been craving yhe texture of them since i had my very first ones in orlando, some red bean bao buns and the texture is EXCELLENT. ive never eaten something so pleasantly soft and smooth and chewy but not in the gross marshmallow way, the. the bread-like way

they were egg custard and yhe “egg” in yhe name turned me off a bit at first but i gave it a shot and ohhh my GOD i wouldve gone home with 10 more if it werent for the fact it was $7 for 3 of them. they were so good. also had some really yummy honey chicken. the fried rice unfortunately wasnt as good as i thought and the spring roll was okay but GODDDD THE CHICKENNN and the wontons? crisp. i tried some of the yellowish sauce thinking itd be savory, but it tasted like wasabi mixed with nail polish remover and it hurt . i did like it with the sweet sauce tho

anyways this is a BAO BUN LOVE POST i FUCKING LOVE BAO BUNS!!!!!!!!! 

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