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need help with html/css?

i’m a fan of messing with html and trying to see what i can do with it without venturing into js territory! i will be transparent and say most of my knowledge comes from w3schools so if you’re socially anxious if you look up “how to do thing in html/css” you will most likely find simple explanations in w3schools links! 

HOWEVER if u need help w anything like pasting images, changing background, rounding borders etc etc etc Anything rlly i am here and normal about html + css 👍 i will try to simplify it as best as i can but tbh most html is pretty simple! just kind of an eyesore to look at if not formatted neatly lol!

edit feb25 2024: so i'm not on here a lot so i unfortunately can't help with this anymore lol but i am keeping this up as a basics guide for html


<img src=“LINK”> - adds an image!

<strong> TEXT </strong> - bolds!

<i>TEXT </i> - italics!

<p> TEXT - paragraph break!

<br> TEXT - line break! (think of when you hold CTRL and press enter when typing)

usually when typing tags like that, you can add style modifiers to customize them further. so for example, if you had an image:

<img src=“mycat.png”>

but it shows up WAY huge and you want it to be say, 50x50px instead, you can use the style= modifiers to adjust size!

<img src=“mycat.png” style=“height:50px; width:50px;”>

in the image tag, src= itself is a modifier! it specifies the location of the image so the code can display it. here, style= indicates you’re doin something to the image, and everything inside your quotation marks is where the magic happens. modifiers are separated by ; marks!

they arent called modifiers or tags probably but im on mobile and dont wanna google it 

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hii how do I add a filter over my banner I got like the filter I want I just dont know how to put it over my banner.,

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ᐟᐟ☆ ; S0L4R system

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do u know how to add gifs! or are they the same? ^^

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Wow this was 2 months ago I haven't opened this in 300 years. But yeah LMAO if you still need's the same as inserting images!

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yoo!! do uz kno how to put like a grayscale filter on my friends profile pictures!? idk if im makin sense its late

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hey! usually thats done by adding “filter: grayscale(100%);” wherever an image is being displayed. so for example itd either look like this:
or like this, which is probably the case:

friendsimg (this isnt the exact wording, but the friends list icons must have some title) {
filter: grayscale(100%);

once im on my computer i can try and poke around layouts to find where the friends icons are, but if you know where they are just plug that filter grayscale thingy in either the style=“” quotes or after the bracket next to the image section’s label !

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AGH spacehey killed the html example. here it is but with ellipses added to not kill it
<…img src=“LINK” style=“filter: grayscale(100%);”…>

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