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icewind dale cleric woes

i swear every time i play my cleric and am about to set off into a big dungeon or expedition, spell prepping is the worst TT_TT if we know exactly what monsters or what terrain lies ahead of us i can somewhat get a faint idea of what to prepare, like preparing a lot of healing and revival if it's gonna be really tough / a long journey or a lot of a specific element if they have a weakness or certain debuffs for spellcaster enemies or hoardes, but even then it's like agony!!! and we usually end up in a situation where we get stuck until we take a long rest because we encounter a very specific obstacle that requires a spell that i can learn but didn't prepare!! TTATT

i could probably read up on how other, more experienced clerics pack spells and shit but like man i don't have the attention span to Study Dnd as much as i'd love to lol, but it is my first time playing cleric and feeling like i have lives on my hands is so scary lol. realistically i know that's not true because i'm not the only healer in the party (thank god) but still. ouh

we leveled up to level 9 and a lot of the level 5 spells i was interested in required material components i didn't have so i took flame strike (one of the enemies we're fighting soon is weak to radiant damage) but i'd REALLY like to learn dawn so i'm going to try and get a sunrise pendant from the temple of the morning lord as soon as humanly possible. also where the hell am i supposed to find ANYTHING worth more than 100gold in ICEWIND DALE????

icewind dale sure is a challenge of a setting. not only because of its harsh climate but because everyone is BROKE

on the bright side my character 1. got his husband out of revel's end 2. has a cat and his husband waiting for him at home 3. has a kid he rescued from a destroyed town??// i forgot that was a thing. i forgot i gave him shelter at our party's home in easthaven. what. what am i supposed to do with him i can't be a new father i'm pushing 50. (joke)

excited for next session in which the party starts to doubt each other and my cleric descends into paranoia again. unironically really love this setting and this module no matter how overwhelming playing the actual game in public with a loud party can be lol

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