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Ur new favorite gyaru. I'm age 15 btw.

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How to be gyaru. A tutorial

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

First you're gonna wanna do your research on what style you want and knowing that some styles have an age limit or that are problematic. Like for example: Agejo gyaru. If you're not 18 yet you shouldn't do it because of the sex appeal and how it's popularized by hostesses.  T he second thing is knowing how to do the makeup, and hair and nails. The magazines to read is;  Egg Koakuma Ageha or just k... » Continue Reading

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Looking for new friends!

Category: Friends

Hello my name is Misa, let's be friends if you like Gyaru fashion.  Kpop and jpop. Loves internet mysteries.   Emo and scene fashion. Loves adventure time, the amazing world of gumball and Steven universe. You enjoy anime. Play videogames. Enjoy blogging. And do art while listening to music. » Continue Reading

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Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

I love gyaru and the fashion, substyles, lifestyle, and etc. But you know what I also love? Pissing people off. What I mean by that is making people angry for the way I dress! Like it's not that deep... it's a great fashion substyle except for ganguro, etc.. I just think that's what makes people hate gyaru.  » Continue Reading

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Day two

Category: Writing and Poetry

March 31 Today I wanted to write a poem inspired by ddlc. Okay! Here it is. Mayflower May the sun glow brighter than it has before May the daring blue sky show their hue  May friends come near and loved ones disappear The dark club room and the flashing lights too  Show it’s way into me and you too!  Is this an arg? A hoax? Or am I hallucinating? May the moon show it’s scars May it show it’s farce... » Continue Reading

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Day 1

Category: Blogging

March 30th, 2022.  A few weeks ago I got out the hospital. I’m doing a little bit better. » Continue Reading

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my favorite game

Category: Games

My favorite game so far is stardew valley (^ω^) » Continue Reading

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