How to be gyaru. A tutorial

First you're gonna wanna do your research on what style you want and knowing that some styles have an age limit or that are problematic. Like for example: Agejo gyaru. If you're not 18 yet you shouldn't do it because of the sex appeal and how it's popularized by hostesses. 

The second thing is knowing how to do the makeup, and hair and nails. The magazines to read is; 

  • Egg
  • Koakuma Ageha or just known as Ageha
  • Ranzuki
  • Popteen

Those are the most popular magazines I can think of for doing gyaru but of course you can look at the scans.

Some activities to do is.

  • Para para
  • Blogging (what I'm doing rn)
  • Reading magazine scans
  • Experimenting on different styles of gyaru
  • Joining a gal circle/gal unit
  • Looking at gyaru rooms

It you wanna buy brand I recommend using buyee.

If you wanna buy offbrand or anything some key points to look for is; 

  • Leopard print/zebra print
  • Floral prints
  • Clothes with crosses on them
  • Anything plaid
  • Leg warmers
  • Platform shoes or boots
  • Slouchy socks (for kogal)
  • Spikey lashes or just cosplay lashes
  • Bottom lashes
  • Waist chains
  • Belts that look like dia belts (I recommend using ali express) 

If you don't have the money paint ur clothes, learn how to sew, etc.

  • Gyaru is gonna be expensive, and dramatic and has a lot of rules. You can't just put on a kogyaru outfit if you're not going to a school with uniforms and not practice the makeup. That wouldn't be gyaru then.
  • Gyaru is also not cosplay inspired. Unless you're cosplaying a character that's canonly gyaru.
  • Gyaru is not blackface unless you're tanning yourself to look black or trying to blackface. Take b gyaru for example, that's trying to look like a black or African American person. 

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