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"am i a person or a bunch of sylvia plath quotes glued together?"


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Category: Writing and Poetry

Sadness creeps over me like a thick fog over a deep lake. Melancholy consumes me; it seeps down into my bones. My mind is filled with a constant low humming static. My body is heavy with grief. Loneliness fills the cracks in my broken heart. I am weary. Tired legs, tired soul. I yearn for a spark; to reignite the fires within.  » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

I feel sad and homesick for years past.  I feel like I’m in some kind of a weird dream.  I’m nostalgic for Octobers.  Nostalgic for past days spent lying in a field full of crisp autumn leaves while texting my best friends on a flip phone.  Nostalgic for places that I’ll only ever see again in dreams. I cannot place this feeling. It feels depressing but also oddly comforting.  » Continue Reading

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dreaming with open eyes

Category: Blogging

I just want to make a bed out of daisies, a pillow out of moss, and a blanket out of silk and just hibernate for a while.  » Continue Reading

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