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about my inactivity

Category: Life

heyo. sorry i haven't touched this acccount in a while. i've honestly been focusing too much on  music and i need to step back from it a little, cuz i literally cannot focus on anything else in life. i'll see what i bring to the community if you're just seeing this or you've liked my profile before, thank you for stopping by, i appreciate you » Continue Reading

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monthly demo stash - january 2023

Category: Music

heyo, im gonna be posting a whole bunch of demos that i worked on during the month for free so y'all can get ideas on the stuff im working on and because i just love to share shit this month nothing much happened unfortunately so this month i just have demos from october-december last year and a couple from 2021 » Continue Reading

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just got back from my vacation

Category: Travel and Places

why is there a giant eye hunting the whole town » Continue Reading

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new year 2023

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

happy new year everyone yay i vowed to do the following on 2023: eat less salt pet more cats scrub the bongus learn to speal have less migraines share ur own or something » Continue Reading

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tired but i had a fun dream

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

first blong yay heehoo my dreams aren't the best, in fact most of the time they don't even happen or i forget them quickly but last night i had a really good one it was one of those multi-stage dreams i have. 4 in one or something. at first i was lost in a school i've never been in before, a giant building, probably an uni. then, for some reason i'm looking up myself on youtube and there are video... » Continue Reading

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