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tired but i had a fun dream

first blong yay


my dreams aren't the best, in fact most of the time they don't even happen or i forget them quickly but last night i had a really good one

it was one of those multi-stage dreams i have. 4 in one or something. at first i was lost in a school i've never been in before, a giant building, probably an uni. then, for some reason i'm looking up myself on youtube and there are videos dedicated to my old aliases, analyzing my discography and growth. the last part of the dream was mostly personal.

yeah that was fun. i decided to look myself up this morning and found that some of my songs are in playlists and that's why they're kinda big. if only they were my originals...

but alright. honestly, i dunno if i wanna make more trendy stuff on 2023 but i gotta work on letting myself go and be open to making mistakes on my actual releases. i'm asking too much of myself

-cereza (w help from ramiel)

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