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the one & the only now has their own stamp C:<

Category: SpaceHey

YES. i have my own stamp. its pretty crappy (mostly on purpose.) put this on your page, and it will ACTUALLY be approved by ME!! just copy this HTML; » Continue Reading

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secret boxes :D

Category: SpaceHey

https://secret.share-on.me/P4zjlVQUSM https://drawme.share-on.me/iEYxFj7Lae there, go batshit idc » Continue Reading

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giving out my own layout!

Category: SpaceHey

here! i also have a few lemon demon blinkies!! HYAKUGOJYUUICHI 2003 (made by me); here SPIRIT PHONE (found on the web); » Continue Reading

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little update

Category: SpaceHey

wow, i missed my accounts 1-year anniversary. dang :c anywho, yes i'm still alive. lack of motivation & school have stopped me from touching my laptop. i'd reccomend you add me on other social medias if you wanna be friends with me (check my accounts about section for details iguess) i MIGHT still be active on here, i'm not really sure at the moment. » Continue Reading

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Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

(not the name of the octopus, its the name of the collection its from. cool ig.) LOOK AT IT. FUCK dungelskog and blahaj i want blavingad heres the plushie, if you want it too » Continue Reading

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i got microsoft comic chat working!!

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

obv does not connect to anything, the servers got shut down 22 years ago lolol although i did make this in offline mode file wont upload, just look here; here » Continue Reading

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a poll; (copied from my bulletins)

Category: Art and Photography

ive been having MAAAJJOORR artblock (new sketchbook, this is typical lol) so.. should i; 1 - draw my silly ocs (chance for a lore post since i wanna get all the stuff outt » Continue Reading

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A post for graphics (blinkies, stamps, etc.)

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

just a post to archive stuff X) cool gifs of lil' bat from the aquabats! https://www.tumblr.com/itsitself/700125230979514368/its-ska-saturday-post-my-friend-my-friend-lil-bat?source=share a funny stamp that does not exist https://www.tumblr.com/thisdastampdoesnotexist/681128945531355136?source=share old icons from the TMBG forum https://www.tumblr.com/velvanova/698328640622133248/heres-a-bunch-of-... » Continue Reading

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Microwave This CD copy!!

Category: Music

soooo... there's hardly any known copies. the only proof we really have is from a blog post from 2010. TAKEN FROM THE "MICROWAVE THIS CD" WIKI PAGE: In 2010, Jake, a user from the defunct Lemon Demon wiki WikiLemon, discovered a » Continue Reading

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i feel insulted >:(

Category: Music

LOOK AAAAAA here's the link if you wanna do it too lmao » Continue Reading

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aaay first blog!!

Category: Quiz/Survey

i just have one question- what are stamps/blinkies? they look rlly cool but what are they??? did they come from myspace or smth?? » Continue Reading

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