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i picked my classes for school next year -.-

Category: School, College, University

i like explaining stuff like this for some reason idk why... im gonna be a senior next year sooooo heres the classes i picked 12th grade english: pretty explanatory... they had college prep class but i didnt think it would fit in my schedule so not for me AP psych: they have a regular psych class but it seems like it would move too slow for me. i enjoy psychology stuff so i wanted to take » Continue Reading

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started new semester today (1/24/23)

Category: Life

i started my new semester class, i have 2 classes with my friends so im happy about that. but.. im stuck in two classes with a bunch of kids who are disrespectful and rude :( my school forces a lot of group work so im not very excited about the classes, but i told my teachers that i dont do well with group work so i hope they will understand. i went to my doctor after not seeing a doctor for like ... » Continue Reading

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better call saul redraw :)

Category: Art and Photography

not 100% accurate replication but i dont mind :) i enjoy how this came out and i had a good time drawing it!!! heres the original picture too » Continue Reading

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trying something new maybe? (1/5/23)

Category: Life

just using this as a documentation of my day, i might start doing this semi frequently or just whenever i feel like it hehe school was pretty boring , i spent most of my classes working on a drawing that ill put a the end of this entry. i have to present a project for my government class tomorrow which im not very excited about but its whatever :'] but im gonna be volunteering at an event for my s... » Continue Reading

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finally finished my profile!

Category: Blogging

i finished coding my profile on here finally i literally spent all day on it hehe... im new to blogging stuff ive never really done it formally before so this is my first time! hope i can make some friends on here » Continue Reading

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