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started new semester today (1/24/23)

i started my new semester class, i have 2 classes with my friends so im happy about that. but.. im stuck in two classes with a bunch of kids who are disrespectful and rude :( my school forces a lot of group work so im not very excited about the classes, but i told my teachers that i dont do well with group work so i hope they will understand.

i went to my doctor after not seeing a doctor for like 3 years. it went okay but like i said in a bulletin post i got a high score for a depression screening which really isnt that surprising? but at least its nice to know that someone agrees with me on that. i also need to get updated on my immunization shots but i dont really mind that :]

im almost done with season 6 of better call saul! im scared to finish the show cuz i love it so much but i know i can always rewatch it any time!!

idk what else to say.. havent been doing a lot of posting since ive been struggling with home life and mental health stuff, but im doing ok at the moment. im making more friends on here and im glad about that, i like it on here a lot. theres a lot less negativity here than other social media platforms, and i see a bunch of creative profiles and a diverse group of people :]

i hope everyone has a great night <3 (~7:30 pm as i write this)

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