i picked my classes for school next year -.-

i like explaining stuff like this for some reason idk why... im gonna be a senior next year

sooooo heres the classes i picked

12th grade english: pretty explanatory... they had college prep class but i didnt think it would fit in my schedule so not for me

AP psych: they have a regular psych class but it seems like it would move too slow for me. i enjoy psychology stuff so i wanted to take it :) im talking to my counselor tomorrow to see how to fit it into my schedule so it isnt a hassle next year since the class is a thing where you have it every other day of the school week which i think is kinda weird but idrc

social problems: basically what it says in the title lots of stuff discussed in political circles like poverty and discrimination and stuff... if u knew me irl youd know im really passionate about that kind of stuff so obviously taking this one!!

AP 2D design: we have AP drawing and AP 2d at my school and basically AP 2d is more digitally focused art which is what im most comfortable with. u can tell i clearly love art so this is my number 1 class i want to get into!! both of my art teachers say i should go into it and that itll help me with getting into college sooo yesssss :D

drawing & painting studio: studio art classes at my school are basically advanced classes that come before AP so you can get more ready for working independently. im gonna be focusing more on traditional drawing skills in this. im already in my digital art studio class right now and i like it :)

web media: this is a coding class!! ive never actually learned coding like properly before ive just learned some basic things online n stuff on here. im gonna be talking about this one to my counselor cuz ive heard people say you dont actually do a lot of coding in the class which i really hope isnt the case :(

personal finance: just learning how to manage your money well dats all... need this obviously

foods and nutrition: might change this one in the future but why not i like food n cooking and u do that in this class soooooooo :]

thats it ^^

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