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The Xbox for Windows app can EAD

Category: Games

I've tried to pre-install Starfield (Bethesda Game Studio's latest release) through the XBox app on my Windows 10 PC and it was an ordeal. When I first started working on it nearly a week ago, I was able to install any game but Starfield through the PC GamePass system, so I thought that might be normal because the game had yet to be released. While there were many posts from PC GamePass users repo... » Continue Reading

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I Support Our Orca Overlords

Category: News and Politics

Back in May (2023), an orca (AKA "killer whale") began attacking several boats off the coast of Europe, possibly after an illegal fishing crew hunted it and its family. The orca seems to have taught the others in its pod to fight back, and they've since attacked several boats (mostly yachts) along the southern European coast. » Continue Reading

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Did I sense non-child-friendly content?

Category: Art and Photography

Demonetized! » Continue Reading

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Mario, the Idea vs Mario, the Man

Category: Writing and Poetry

Everyone knows Mario is cool as fuck . But who knows what he's thinking? Who knows why he crushes turtles? And why do we think about him as fondly as we think of the mythical (nonexistent?) Dr. Pepper ? Perchance . I believe it was Kant who said "Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play." Mario exhibits experience by crushing turts all day, but he... » Continue Reading

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New Year New Me!

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

... not really. I'm fairly pessimistic that 2022 will be better than 2021 (and possibly no better than 2020). I've gone so far as to refer to it as 2020: Two, as well as other variations on that meme (such as 2021: Part 2, and 2020: The ReTwo; I didn't say they were good names). At this point, I'm just looking to survive 2022 and hope that it brings about a return of the Before Times. We're starti... » Continue Reading

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Lunar Eclipse

Category: Blogging

I'm a huge fan of Local 58 (an analog horror YouTube channel), so I was pretty hyped for  tonight's lunar eclipse . This eclipse is particularly special in that it's the longest lunar eclipse in over 500 years and will also be a " blood moon ". For those who are unfamiliar with Local 58, the series covers a low-power analog broadcasting station which is continually hijacked by supernatural entitie... » Continue Reading

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Hey SpaceHey

Category: Blogging

This brings back some memories. I haven't hand-written HTML since college, so this has been a somewhat fun experience. I was on MySpace in the mid 2000s and once got in trouble in middle school because someone claimed I "hacked" a school computer by changing the background color of the website. Wound up spending a few Saturdays in detention. Looking back on it, I probably got in trouble more for "... » Continue Reading

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