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an update of my psp (9/24/23)

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

hey there, kaysta here! the right battery is here, memory stick is here, sd card is here, its all all ready! modded and ready to play! take a looksie :) (the files are the games i downloaded) thanks for looking at my great great psp, cya next time! kaystaaaa, owt! » Continue Reading

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i <3 frutiger aero!!! (9/24/23)

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

hey, kaysta here! ive been in a frutiger aero phase, and im lovin it! i put everything frutiger aero themed! lemme show you!  here it is, thanks for lookin. i also made my phone frutiger aero themed, but idk how to show that. cya guys, kaysta owt!! » Continue Reading

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finally found my dad's old psp! (9/23/23)

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

howdy! kaysta here, she found her dad's old psp and is now modding it! unfortunately when i found his psp 2000, it had a psp s100 battery?! sooo, i thought it was a psp 1000 and bought the wrong battery, but turns out i had the wrong battery!!! also the memory stick is missing, so i bought that. the older psp battery still works, so ill use that for now i guess, until i get thr right battery at le... » Continue Reading

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howdy! (9/22/23)

Category: Art and Photography

hey there, kaysta here! as some of you know, i am now officially a class rep! hooray! anyways, today i made some decent art. i decorated my notepad, and i drew a scene girl that i will make my profile picture!!! okay lemme show you guys, short blog post today! thanks for checkin it, kaysta owt! » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

HIYA, KAYSTER HERE!!! DO U KNOW WHAT DAY IT IS?! (more like night hehe) BUT... ITS THE 21ST NIGHT OF SEPTEMBER! ill try to send a link of the song embeded, but i dont know if that works here cuz last time i tried with a youtube vid and it didnt work out, so if i cant figure it out could someone please help me? thank you in advance! edit: damn it, the stupid embeded link didnt work. other than that... » Continue Reading

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Category: Games

KAYSTER HERE!!! GUESS WHAT... so you know how i really really love resident evil?? THERES RESIDENT EVIL 4 REMAKE DLC COMING OUT!!! SEPARATE WAYS, RELEASING ON SEPTEMBER 21ST! i am so so so hyped up omg. do u know how long i waited for re4r to come out? like a whole 9 months. and when the game came out i played it right away, and once i finished it i awaited for THE ICONIC DLC, separate ways!! this... » Continue Reading

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burnin cds (9/6/23)

Category: Music

hey there, kayster here. so recently my friend and I have been talking about cd players, which reminded me of that one time i tried to burn a cd. i didnt get it at all, and i was trying so so hard to find a mp3 converter for spotify playlists. soooo, i googled some stuffz, and i found out how to burn a cd! turns out i had to use windows media player, what a dummy i was! anyways, it's very very har... » Continue Reading

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went back to school today... (9/1/23)

Category: Life

ITS FINALLY SEPTEMBER!!!! hey everyone, kayster at it again! im not sick anymore, so i went back to school today. what happened today? lets see.. i got my math test back!!! i skipped like two problems worth 10 points each and i still got 81.5?! i thought that was crazy, mind blown. yea i think thats the biggest part of today for me. but everyone at school missed me, because they love me very very ... » Continue Reading

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first blog post! (8/31/23)

Category: Life

hey everyone!! the kayster here.. making her first blog post! i have no idea what im gonna write about, but i'll make up some stuff to write. sooooo, what happened today? absolutely nothing!!!! i was sick, sore throat :(. am i happy i skipped school? not really, life is kinda boring without it. yea i could've stayed on spacehey all day, but i got lazy. wellllll, now i've got a buttload of hw n stu... » Continue Reading

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