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Art dump <33333333

Category: Art and Photography

I don't plan on using this site much for art. If you enjoy what I make and want to see it more often check out my Tum8lr  and/or Twitter !!!!!!!! I may only post art dumps on here. Enjoy!!!!!!!! ::::) » Continue Reading

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I home8rewed my 3DS ::::D

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

It took FOREVER 8ut it's finally done!!!!!!!! I have Sudomemo now 8y the way. ::::)  Let me know if you have any reccomend8ions, I'm kind of lost at what to do now other than anim8 stuff with Flipnote. » Continue Reading

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Shimeji Things........

Category: Art and Photography

Hello!!!!!!!! Sorry for not 8eing around much I was sorta 8usy tending to friends and playing some games ::::) I've gotten around to making a shimeji of one of my favorite Deltarune enemies, I should 8e finished with it soon, I've just 8een stalling on it 8ecause I got 8ored 8ut soon motiv8ion will kick in again (hopefully). Let me know if any of you would 8e interested in getting a shimeji of Vir... » Continue Reading

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School rel8ed gar8age ::::)

Category: Blogging

Man!!!!!!!! Tonight's 8een awesome spending time with friends and all 8ut I accidentally stayed up all night after the call and then remem8ered how 8ad my situ8ion was with my methods of coping. Can't 8eleive I'm staying up to stupid hours in the morning to avoid my dad cause he shames me for my truancy and then I proceed to refuse to do my schoolwork 8ecause it "causes me stress" ::::/ Like......... » Continue Reading

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♡♡♡\ (≧▽≦) /♡♡♡

Category: SpaceHey

I really can't 8elieve I spent all day today on spacehey what the hell even happened there???????? All of this retro aesthetic and scene gar8age has got me glued to my screen I'm literally in love right now.  » Continue Reading

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