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I went to spain

Category: Travel and Places

Yes you saw that correctly. I went to spain to visit my aunt, and it was pretty chill. I was traveling around La Rambla in barcelona, and it was pretty awesome. I saw a lot of cool things, like talented graffiti artists, and a diversity of different opinions in politics. Another thing that I found amazing is the beautiful view in la barceloneta. I also got this gnarly scar from falling off an elec... » Continue Reading

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I'm back

Category: Life

Yes, you heard that right guys, I returned after 10 months. Here's an update; My old school suspended me for no reason. I was framed for something I didn't do. It's finally my time to relax this summer, I'm going to Puerto Rico in a month, and I'm probably gonna enjoy my 8th grade year.  You're wondering why I was gone for so long. So I was kind of struggling with life, pretty much. I needed a bre... » Continue Reading

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Category: Books and Stories

So recently I was on TikTok chillin, and I see the most cringiest shit to ever be shown to mankind. For context it was this cringy girl at my school, and we HATED each other, like, if one of us were to punch the other, we'd do it for free. Anyways, I see the video, and my heart DROPPED, I was confused, flabbergasted, flushed, and I choked on water due to the immense cringe. I decided to put in the... » Continue Reading

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Hear me out

Category: Blogging

People who say hear me out are one of the most horniest motherfuckers in the existence of the planet » Continue Reading

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Idk but this is some weird rant

Category: Life

I'm sick of fucking SJW's (social justice warriors). They go in every situation that is none of their business, and find a way to make it seem "racist" or "homophobic". Like, I talk about fitness, and some random tumblr user with dyed hair and a questionable amount of piercings tell me "Talking about fitness is fatphobic", NOOOO, im talking about something i do for fun >:(. I may sound annoying bu... » Continue Reading

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I'm new to this lmao

Category: SpaceHey

Holy shit look at the fucking GrApHiCsS!1!1!! » Continue Reading

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