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I went to spain

Yes you saw that correctly.

I went to spain to visit my aunt, and it was pretty chill. I was traveling around La Rambla in barcelona, and it was pretty awesome. I saw a lot of cool things, like talented graffiti artists, and a diversity of different opinions in politics. Another thing that I found amazing is the beautiful view in la barceloneta. I also got this gnarly scar from falling off an electric scooter, but it didnt really do much yk. I also went to France, during the whole protests against the president, and there were a lot of police officers there. In France, I also visited the usual things you'd wanna see there, and I also got to try these delicious crepes.

overall, I'd say my trip was a 10/10

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Sounds fun! I want to go to Spain one day. No real reason just to go. Sorry you got wiped out on the Scootscoot though... I'm glad it wasn't serious. And I have been keeping up here and there about the protests in France... Some crazy stuff going on there.... D:

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