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i hate my weaknesses, they made me who i am

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Surveys by Jenna

Category: SpaceHey

Here are some survey's I have written over time that anybody is more than welcome to take and fill out for themselves! - s i x q u e s t i o n s | s i x c a t e g o r i e s - MUSIC 1. Are you listening to any music right now? If so, what? 2. What song(s) have you been listening to on repeat recently? 3. What are your top three favorite albums of all time? a.  b.  c.  4. Is there a song stuck in yo... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

Q: Who are you? Why did you add me? A: I'm Jenna! I thought you had a cool aesthetic and I want to make friends. (I probably added you if you looked even the slightest bit alternative haha.)  Q: Where did you find me and my profile? A: Probably under the "Cool New People" tab or the browse page! I add people that I think I might get along with! Q: How did you do ___ to your profile? A: I actually ... » Continue Reading

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TW | People I've stopped supporting over the years, why, and why it matters. (WIP)

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

I want to start off this blog by saying this: I don't believe in cancel culture. That's not what this is. I'm holding people accountable for the actions that shouldn't get a pass in the year of 2021. I also want to clarify that I'm not writing this to force anybody to stop supporting someone, rather to maybe inform people who may not know about some of this stuff. For as many of these as possible,... » Continue Reading

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Looking to make your profile all pretty and fancy?

Category: SpaceHey

C O D I N G / L A Y O U T M E G A T H R E A D ! Looking for a new layout?  Looking for some cool coding to make your profile look all snazzy? Well, I'm here to help!  well, uh, kinda? i'm just here to send you in the right direction to the good stuff lol i'm not very good at this coding stuff anymore, i'm trying to relearn it so i'm sorry but i can't help with specific coding stuff I'll be updatin... » Continue Reading

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I make jewelry!

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

Hi friends!! If you don't know me, I'm Jenna and I make a lot of different kinds of art under the shop name The Crystal Bat!  Here is my: Etsy Shop & Ko-fi (if you feel generous) Art Instagram | Art Instagram 2.0 |  Art Twitter Personal Twitter | TikTok Things I Make & Mediums I Work With: Acrylic Paint, Digital Art, Photography, Epoxy Resin, Polymer Clay, Press-On Nails, and more! Here's some pho... » Continue Reading

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