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Q: Who are you? Why did you add me?
A: I'm Jenna! I thought you had a cool aesthetic and I want to make friends. (I probably added you if you looked even the slightest bit alternative haha.) 

Q: Where did you find me and my profile?
A: Probably under the "Cool New People" tab or the browse page! I add people that I think I might get along with!

Q: How did you do ___ to your profile?
A: I actually have a blog megathread of a bunch of really helpful resources I used to make my profile look the way that it does and others that can help you make yours unique! You can find it here. 

Q: Do you listen to ___? 
A: Maybe! Check out my music section and if you don't see who/what you're looking for I might not support them for (TW) specific reasons.

Q: I saw that you make art, where can I find a post of some of your work?
A: I have links to my social medias and shop on my main SpaceHey page but sometimes I post about it in bulletins and there's this blog post, too.

Q: Is there a reason you didn't accept my/my friends/etc friend request?
A: You might not have had your profile filled out, may not have had a profile picture, or you may support someone I do not.

Q: Do you do commissions? 
A: I do not, however if you're interested in a certain color of something I have already made, just let me know and I'll make it and put it on my store when it's done for you to grab!

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