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Category: School, College, University

haiiiii blog!!! guess who just submitted all their college apps (ME!) i had so much stuff due today ughhhh i had to turn in my brag sheet and all that and then i had to skip art to finish my common app (which id normally be happy about but im actually trying to care abt art now) but i did it !! gotta get my grades up tho i havent done a single homework assignment since sophomore year im being so d... » Continue Reading

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musi "wrapped"

Category: Music

ive been seeing like EVERYONE posting their spotify wrapped, but i dont use spotify.. LUCKILY THO musi just put one out so heres mine :3 » Continue Reading

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Comeback Era

Category: Life

HAIIIIIIIIIII SPACEHEY!!!!!!!! I heard this site was getting a mobile app and I really wanted to download it but um....... My card was declining so the app store wouldn't download it LOLLLLLL I came back anyways tho bc my boyf(!! more on that later :smirk emoji:) got spacehey :) I think last time I was here was late January » Continue Reading

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day 3 of most unsufferable cough of my life + college trips and gaming conferences

Category: Blogging

heyhey!!!  Day 3 of SpaceHey!! It's been super fun and I love learning new things and tweaking my acc :)) It's like the CompSci training I never got  » Continue Reading

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How do you title these ?

Category: Blogging

Heyyyy!!!! I think I'm getting a hang of this whole spacehey thing !! I've been messing around with my account (peep the username change » Continue Reading

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First Post !!

Category: Blogging

haiiiii spacehey i don't know how to use this site that well but like. im on here anyways !!! i found a sick ass layout but i ??? dont know how to add an about me section ???? it says smth abt h1 and /h1 before and after but i did that and.... nothing. if anyone knows how to do html stuff and wants to help a real one out » Continue Reading

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