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I think I'm getting a hang of this whole spacehey thing !! I've been messing around with my account (peep the username changegif of white cat laying on floor with hearts around him) I feel like I should set a goal for myself, and I guess a place to talk about my day wouldn't hurt!! I'm thinking one blog post a day, whenever. I've tried doing stuff once-a-day before (daily Soutarou AND Shun posts for like 2 months straightsame white cat as before, but this time he's got the blue anime lines on him, and his jaw is dropping open) and it's like.. never worked lol. I fall behind for one day and suddenly the whole thing seems out of reachsame white cat again! he's got the anime lines and a large sweat drop, and he looks ashamed.. I'm gonna try not to care much about getting a post out EEEEEVERY day, but I guess it's a goal. I'm not 100% sure what to talk about, I've got so much!! Especially since this is my first official post lol. I've been watching Daria lately!! It's a great show I love it so much. I'm halfway through season 3, and I'm hoping the (very likely) ADHD will carry me through the rest of it instead of wearing off right before I can finish and not watching another episodewhite cat again! he's crying, and then he bows down i think? I'm not 100% sure haha. On that topic, it turns out that having (very likely) ADHD makes it very difficult to get a diagnosis (basically) by myself!! Only reason I'm saying very likely is that I don't have a diagnosis, but I'm trying!! Kinda!! Not reallywhite cat again! he's got the anime lines and a large sweat drop, and he looks ashamed.. But if I could get set up with a psychologist with only the power of suggestion, I'd have this in the bag! Anyways, I've got more stuff to do today, I've gotta finish eating at 10pm and then I've gotta wash my hair! It takes me like two hours but it's worth it! I should probably add a pic, but it's pretty much like what my second fursona's got. I've been fighting the urge to give myself spontaneous bangs though. I wanna do it early if possible so I have time to do my nails! I don't have anything in mind though. I also have a trip at my program tomorrow! We're going to a gaming event thingy, not 100% sure what it is but I'm sure it'll be fun :DDD!! Anyways, I don't really feel like writing anymore, so peace!!!


Should I add a signature? Is that a thing blog people do? Uh.. Here, have this picture of Soutarou!

Soutarou Touno!!

I love Soutarou so much !! Best Homecoming character fr

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