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day 3 of most unsufferable cough of my life + college trips and gaming conferences


Day 3 of SpaceHey!! It's been super fun and I love learning new things and tweaking my acc :)) It's like the CompSci training I never got  I do plan on doing some CompSci stuff though!! I got accepted for an internship, but it's not the main thing I wanna do. Game Design has my whole heart, and I've heard that just CompSci doesn't cut it anymore for big game studios. LUCKILYYYYYY I'm also doing that game design program!! I've been super behind on my work since stuff hasn't been lining up at all though, haha. I can get back up though!!! We had a fun day there today, we went to a college for a game conference thingy, and we had to come up with a game involving raw spaghetti noodles. Sounds weird but it was super fun. My group's game was shoving a spaghetti strand in your hair/hat and swordfighting the other person LMAO it was super fun!! I was winning ofc, and at the end of it they even gave me the rest of the spaghetti. I'm uh... not sure what to do with it, but I have it! It made me thing abt my future a bit, which is kinda scary lol. All in all a fun experience, and then I just went home, napped, and now I'm here blogging. The whole thing was brought down by the most persistent cough of my damn life though. Like I kept interrupting myself mid-conversation to start hacking up a lung and it's so annoying!!! I wasn't even able to sleep last night. I wasn't getting much sleep anyway, went to bed at 4am to wake up at 8, but still!! I gave up around 5:30 bc I couldn't stop coughing, even after some salt water and stuff. I would've taken a nyquil, but I didn't wanna risk over sleeping, and I didn't take a dayquil because I wanted to take one in the morning instead of at night(did nothing btw). But I survived!! 

I also made some tweaks to my acc!! Added a new cursor and some sick ass background music(this song!It's from the Homecoming: Morenatsu Revisited OST!! I would die for that game, I swear. I was gonna use some music from the OG game but eeeeeeeeeeeeeh I didn't feel like it. Plus this song slaps!! Anyways, that's all for now. I'm gonna go watch some Daria :]


Have another Soutarou!

Have a nice day!! byebye!!

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