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im back :3

Category: Blogging

went to the mental hospital last month and im finally  back on here!!! only was there 10 days but still feel pretty shitty yk., still want to jump of a bridge lolzz » Continue Reading

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magnus archives avatars and entity stuffff

Category: Podcast

I finished listining to tma like a few weeks back and i wanna chat with other ppl who are interested in ittt. also there will prob be spoilers on here so warning for that!! Idk if anyone else struggles to liek figure out what entity youd be aligned with but like i swear i cant just choose one!!?! but i know i wouldn't want to be apart of the burried bc tight spaces are a big no. the spiral is cool... » Continue Reading

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muisssiiiic, playlist and other shit

Category: Music

ik most ppl use spotify and liike i have that too (link2 spotify here https://open.spotify.com/user/31wwrlvlrkbkjxqt3edagwqov3om ) but i mainly use amazon music and need more playlists!! if u have amzon music send me some playlists im begging. I want to like expandd my music taste. or if u have spotify playlist ill listen to that too lol. anyways whereever tf u listen 2 music send me ur playlists ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

all i think abt is madoka magica omggg. like i can't do anything without thinking about,,,im literally listening to the op rn aaaaaa its so good!!!!1!!!! but like the whole story of the show is a masterpiece. Every little detail is so interesting. lately i've been really thinking abt the background n stuff. specifically the real world like not in the labyrinths or anything. The way it gives off th... » Continue Reading

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