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magnus archives avatars and entity stuffff

I finished listining to tma like a few weeks back and i wanna chat with other ppl who are interested in ittt. also there will prob be spoilers on here so warning for that!! Idk if anyone else struggles to liek figure out what entity youd be aligned with but like i swear i cant just choose one!!?! but i know i wouldn't want to be apart of the burried bc tight spaces are a big no. the spiral is cool and all but i dont think id be an avataar of it tbh. But id be down to be an avatar of the web, desolation or like the slaughter. like violence yesss and also just being dramitic for the web and  spiders r super cool. lmk what you would wanna be an avatar of or if you havve like any good quizez for this shit if yknow what im talking abt!!!

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