all i think abt is madoka magica omggg. like i can't do anything without thinking about,,,im literally listening to the op rn aaaaaa its so good!!!!1!!!! but like the whole story of the show is a masterpiece. Every little detail is so interesting. lately i've been really thinking abt the background n stuff. specifically the real world like not in the labyrinths or anything. The way it gives off this like dream feeling or idk how to explain it really but i think it's super cool. Also the battles in the second season of the side story were sooooo gooood. I could write like three essays abt madoka magica buuuut that would take really long and i'm tired sooo yeah. anyways madoka magica is the best yayayayay

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Asural (TBHKluvr #1111)

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My obsession right now is toilet bound hanako T.T
I legitimately can't stop thinking of it, drawing it, and rereading it

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omg yess tbhk is so good i need to catch up on the new chapterz

by ☆cloverr☆; ; Report

ya definitely do but its sad T.T

by Asural (TBHKluvr #1111); ; Report