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Category: Blogging

ive been inactive for quite some time oopsies... ill try posting more often maybe but im more on twitter (@IDOLiSH7FAN101)!!!  maybe ill post abt the BorW event that happened yesterday :) » Continue Reading

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4nemo boys /neg rant

Category: Games

i dont usually post this kinda stuff cuz i hate expressing my opinions to the internet lolol but its whtever i HATEEE the 4nemo boys from genshin like i love the charactcers trust me but i hate the group in general and esp the fact that theyre always everywhere like STOPP…theyre so overrated its actually insane im aching to see different male groups 4 once in this fandom 😭 like give us more variet... » Continue Reading

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haruka isumi

Category: Life

hes taking over my lifes giys i cant do this nymore hes everywhere hes like a virus guys pl sav eme oh my gawd…i lvoe him sm u have no idea hes the most silliest of guys on that god damn stupid idol anime……  » Continue Reading

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idolish7 ramble

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

and if i said i wished momo died what then!!! i love momo sm trust me hes like in my top 2 favs but IFFFF he died what then. what would yuki do?’?!!? cuz we all know yuki would have kicked the bucket if it werent for momo constantly harassing him every day’!!! would yuki get revenge on ryo? would he instead kick the bucket a few days after or maybe immediately after finding out???? js thinking abt... » Continue Reading

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tgcf/heaven officials blessing anime

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

since the second season is coming out next month does nyone know how far into the story its gonna go? js rlly curious cuz i wanna see the lantern part so bad.. plus i also wanna know when theyll animate xie lians past (prolly in like a fourth or third season but you never know lol)  » Continue Reading

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idolish7 favs(more like rant LOL)

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

hi if u know idolish7 then this blog is 4 u but if u dont then thats ok iggggg (if u ever wanna get into it then plz tell me!! ill gladly help u » Continue Reading

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