idolish7 ramble

and if i said i wished momo died what then!!! i love momo sm trust me hes like in my top 2 favs but IFFFF he died what then. what would yuki do?’?!!? cuz we all know yuki would have kicked the bucket if it werent for momo constantly harassing him every day’!!! would yuki get revenge on ryo? would he instead kick the bucket a few days after or maybe immediately after finding out???? js thinking abt it makes me love revale more bcuz theyd do nything for the other person like wtf!!! why cant i have a revale relationship ⁉️😾 

did i mention hiw much i lovr haruka…like i said on my other blog im rlly limited on info cuz game is for jp only(boooo!!! give us eng the game bru:/) so i sadly dont have mmuch info in him but gawddd do i love him sm like yah hes a lil pussy bitch but thats what makes him so goofy and a good character too his crying scenes in the anime r so ugly cute too… 

i can go on for hoursss abt idolish7 but ill stop here cuz why not plus im rlly sleepy :// 

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