idolish7 favs(more like rant LOL)

hi if u know idolish7 then this blog is 4 u but if u dont then thats ok iggggg (if u ever wanna get into it then plz tell me!! ill gladly help u <3) 

nyways whats ur guys most fav idolish7 chara??? i have a bunch of favs but my top two r def momo and haruka!!!! esp haruka i love his chara sm

i also rlly adore nagi and mitsuki too nagis personality is def rlly unique and imo its the best thing abt his character :D mitsukis arc from s2(or 3??? forgot :/) was rlly sad and i feel like it definitely shed a lot more light on his struggles.. i only watched the anime cuz i dont got access to the game so im pretty limited on info abt the characters but i kinda wish mitsukis arc was a bit longer and his struggles were shown more it felt a bit rushed(i think?? its been a while since ive last rewatched it..) so im kinda disappointed abt that lol but its fine cuz the story was rlly good overall :D

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