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18 now

Category: Life

feel old, age feels too serious. will probably laugh at this looking back » Continue Reading

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bored of you

Category: Music

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbsgQrEzbv4 » Continue Reading

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got into a band

Category: Music

hello guys i got into a band :)) on wednesday i met some guys that texted me some time before after i hung some posters up about me looking for band people. the guys in the band are alright, i think i can talk to them pretty alright,just one guy,a chilean(?) hipstar. i mean i like them,i like them all,its just i dont like him mixing german and english,it sounds so pretentious. but yea thats it,if ... » Continue Reading

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hate being back in "my" country

Category: Blogging

i was visitting my gf reccently,thats why i was gone for a while but now im back and i fucking hate it.i live in germany and she lives in poland,i wish we never moved to germany bc of that. i hate living here for so many reasons,one is the thing i already mentioned,but another reason is smth i bet a lot of immigrants can relate to,its like...here im seen as polish,but in my country,my own people s... » Continue Reading

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