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he/it. 17. chaotic neutral. neutral evil.

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a hickie from kenickie is like a hallmark card

Category: Art and Photography

i like to go onto whiteboard fox every once in a while and draw with my friends, usually online friends. i don't typically know what to draw once i'm on there, but i figure it out along the way. here is some doodles i did a bit ago of kenickie from the grease musical. he's literally my fave little bastard of all time (y'know, of course, along with all of my other fave bastards). i also kin him, ab... » Continue Reading

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omg it worked, here's another one

Category: Art and Photography

we love to see a queerboy winning, amiright guys? here's another art drop; kinda old, but it's my oc floyd edelman. he was a comedian in the 1950s :-) i think he dies in the 70s' in his story? idr, i haven't given him an exact death date. if u guys want to learn more about my characters, let me know!! i'd gladly share more info on them :-D » Continue Reading

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testin img stuff

Category: Art and Photography

don't mind me, just trying to see how this works. if it works, then well... free artwork post :-) i'm chez.png on instagram!! it's linked on my profile if u want to check out the rest of my stuff. » Continue Reading

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oh my lord

Category: SpaceHey

THIS SITE IS SO COOL... but oh my god i'm going to need to learn how to code asap. HAHA. this is sick, i'm so excited. » Continue Reading

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