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my layouts

Category: Blogging

Corner images milk chan Stamps nijiura maids » Continue Reading

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intro (●´ω`●)

Category: Friends

Tatum or Dolly ! she / he + neos  I LOVE MY BOYFIE SM!!!! » Continue Reading

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Stop boosting petty callouts/blogs

Category: Blogging

Please for the love of god!! Its so easy to tell when a callout or blog is petty or js shit that should not be public and by interacting with those whether positive or negative still boosts it. Posting about it vaguely also gets people to go look for it which makes the problem worse.  Its simply as easy as to ignore it or even report it. » Continue Reading

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Plz remember

Category: Blogging

Not everyone is going to fucking like you !! Now ik thats a tough thing to accept but its true, especially on the internet. If you cannot handle that please just get off the internet. The amount of people i’ve seen on this website throw fucking tantrums bc they got mad someone unadded them or blocked them is mental. I know you want everyone to l » Continue Reading

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Call out blogs r fucking stupid

Category: Blogging

Unless its a serious thing like calling out a groomer of pedo or smth else thats bad i get that, im not speaking abt those. I’m talking abt the ones that are just petty shit between two people thag could be handled privately. I have seen countless blogs of this nature and its so annoying. You literally are not helping anyone with these !! Please handle private matters privately. » Continue Reading

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Dni list

Category: Blogging

Asher Frank piss kinkers (except max!!) cum eaters flurtz  orion esexers gay people » Continue Reading

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games :33

Category: Games

most things in the need 2 play section will probably also be considered need 2 watch cuz i dont have moneyy 4 half of these games🙏 ☆  Playing     ───────── ౨ৎ ───────── » Continue Reading

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