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Links to guides on customizing one's spacehey page

I haven't dug in yet much to customize my spacehey page, but lots of other folks have -- and, they've written handy guides on various aspects of doing it!

Here are a couple I've seen, that I'll be using myself ... I'm gonna sit down this weekend and weird-ify my design.

How to achieve OG MySpace graphics by Zsolt

And for inspiration, here's a list by mubra of spacehey profiles that have cool modifications to html or css ...

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🅥🅡🅔🅝🅘's profile picture

thanks so much for putting this together!

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@Shanen, excellent -- adding yours to the list, thanks!

@Isaac, that guide by @meh is really comprehensive -- thanks!

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this post is a full tutorial on customising a profile

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Cool compilation! I've written a mini guide too for customizing cursors :)

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Cool! If you find anyone else who's posted about this, post it in the comments here and I'll add it to the list!

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Brenda S.

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This will be really useful...thanks for sharing!

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