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spacehey iOS 14 Widget

Category: SpaceHey

Hey 👋🏻 If you're an iOS user you most likely have come across the app "Sc riptable" 1  since the launch of iOS 14. It allows you to code your own widgets with JS. I've now created a widget, which always shows the latest blog entries 📚 Code:  GitHub Gist 1 The name is written without a space character between "Sc" and "riptable". If you need help setting it up, just comment on this pos... » Continue Reading

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[Guide] How to use images and gifs in comments

Category: SpaceHey

Hey 👋🏻 I've recently found a workaround for posting images and gifs in comments, without the need of the <img> tag. Fortunately, spacehey allows the use of the <video> tag in comments. And a nice feature, that the video tag has, is the poster attribute. We abuse this poster attribute, to show the gif/image, which we want to display. It's also recommended to add the width and height att... » Continue Reading

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[WIP - Preview] SpaceHey Profile "Editor"

Category: SpaceHey

Hey 👋🏻 First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this short blog post. I'm currently working on a SpaceHey Profile "Editor" and I was curious if some people on here would be willing to use such a tool?  Features that the final version should include: - Custom color selection for the different parts of the profile - Custom font selection - Image styling (Rounded Corners, Circular Shape, .... » Continue Reading

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[DE] Wahl-O-Mat: Welche Partei hättest du 1919 gewählt?

Category: News and Politics

Ich bin soeben durch einen Tweet  auf den „ Wahl-O-Mat “ des Deutschen Bundesarchivs für das Jahr 1919 gestoßen. Wer sich ein bisschen für Geschichte interessiert oder einfach nur neugierig ist, sollte ihn unbedingt ausprobieren :)! Link: » Continue Reading

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