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New meds

Category: Blogging

So not only am I upping my antidepressant but I am starting a stimulant I suppose —  Let’s see how that goes?  Anyone take “Provigil” before? My Trintellix is now 20mg. My Topamax is still 100mg :/// » Continue Reading

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new job

Category: Blogging

Honestly, starting this new job has been exhausting. I only finally am able to minorly work on my story. » Continue Reading

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Category: Books and Stories

Sometimes I think the editing stage is literally the worst. I feel like I'm perpetually in that stage of changing things. I've gotten to almost 300 pages in this novel and suddenly my brain yells "GO BACK AND EDIT NOW!" » Continue Reading

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Emo Night

Category: Parties and Nightlife

Last night, I went with my roommate and her boyfriend to the Emo Night Tour for our state. It was... fun at first. The music was obviously fun. I enjoyed bouncing to music and all that. In fact, it was my first time at ANY sort of venue (concert, music, tour, etc). We ended up leaving after only two hours, though. Major let down was that the people with VIP tickets for the balcony ended up coming ... » Continue Reading

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No Class!

Category: Blogging

Hah, not a normal type of day.  Usually colleges don't cancel their entire campuses. Mine did. I'm not freed from the hook though. I still have to grade and do homework.  » Continue Reading

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Sounds From the Walls

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

So, I've rented this house for about six months now. I thought it would get better but I'm growing more concerned over the sounds I hear when I'm alone that others have heard, too. It's a house, not apartment so it isn't noises from neighbors.  It's just soft whispers like a conversation. Almost like listening to a news channel on low volume.  My cat stares at the empty shower fur on end all the t... » Continue Reading

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Online Novels/Chapters

Category: Writing and Poetry

I've been writing a novel chapter by chapter on Archive of Our Own. So far, I have been focused on one called Snap Out of It.  Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/29325183 Anyone else doing this? If you comment, I'll try to read and leave a response if I can.  » Continue Reading

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Category: Art and Photography

I’m addicted to Picrews, I swear. I hoard them. I keep making them. I make my partner and I in them. Anyone else do the same?  » Continue Reading

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