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The Famous Gold Fish

Category: Pets and Animals

Hello Friends, As you know, from reading my riveting about me section... I have four goldfish. haha Well, since November 29th, several of you have asked about them and what their names are. I have mentioned that they do not have names! yet! In fact when I first mentioned them I only had two goldfish, so within this time I bought 3 more, and sadly, I lost one of them as I will detail further in the... » Continue Reading

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Focusing on Bulletins - Not Blog

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

Hey Peeps. I've decided to focus on Bulletins rather than blogs, at least for the next little while. So while this blog is public, once you become my friend you can read my Bulletins. As you may know, they'll delete after 10 days, which I kind of like, as it keeps things fresh. I'll post at a minimum every few days, up to a few bulletins a day depending on how I'm doing and how busy things are. I ... » Continue Reading

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New year new me

Category: Art and Photography

So I’ve been trying to make a few changes even starting before the new year. So far I’ve stopped drinking coffee, cut down carbs a lot, been eating salads, fruits, and simpler healthier meals, salmon, eggs, sweet potatoes, fruit... I had a pomelo for the first time a few days ago. surprisingly good. Small steps. Need more sleep, but that’s a work in progress. I stopped listening to the radio in th... » Continue Reading

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I need to know...

Category: Blogging

Looking for some help on HTML and CSS customizations like back in the day. Some of you web wizards need to make some how-tos and some copy-paste templates!!  » Continue Reading

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Hello World

Category: Blogging

I just found this spacehey site from Hacker News, I might actually start using it as a social media, because I'm not a fan of the other big ones anymore! » Continue Reading

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