Focusing on Bulletins - Not Blog

Hey Peeps.
I've decided to focus on Bulletins rather than blogs, at least for the next little while. So while this blog is public, once you become my friend you can read my Bulletins.

As you may know, they'll delete after 10 days, which I kind of like, as it keeps things fresh. I'll post at a minimum every few days, up to a few bulletins a day depending on how I'm doing and how busy things are. I like to share positive, encouraging thoughts, wisdom, perspectives, music that I am digging, and there will occasionally be some photos!

I like to read your bulletins too - if we are friends they'll show up in my main page, and if you make a blog post I may miss it unless you make a bulletin about your blog. This is the main way I have been keeping up with people.

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andrew covell

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you can now subscribe to blogs which makes them less missable

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Sweeney Toad

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Bulletins! It’s like LiveJournal and Snapchat had a baby!

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Lord Byron's Steampunk Aerolight

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Overlord An and crew have activated the "follow blog" function! 🧨

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Yea I’ll have to go around and subscribe to some blogs!
Also I haven’t been able to keep up with my plan of regular bulletins lately! Ha

I would like to do some writing and maybe a series of blogs but we’ll see.

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I'm already on that train, brother! Time to buy a ticket!

by Lord Byron's Steampunk Aerolight; ; Report