New year new me

So I’ve been trying to make a few changes even starting before the new year. So far I’ve stopped drinking coffee, cut down carbs a lot, been eating salads, fruits, and simpler healthier meals, salmon, eggs, sweet potatoes, fruit... I had a pomelo for the first time a few days ago. surprisingly good. Small steps. Need more sleep, but that’s a work in progress. I stopped listening to the radio in the car, cut down on some noise. Cut out a few websites that feed nonsense... unsubscribed from some news emails.

General idea to take care of what you put in your body, and your mind. Cut the crap, the feeds, the notifications, and move in a positive direction. 

There are lots of good people and things going on, refocus!

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Love it

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I'm trying to be healthier myself and make some changes. Although, I don't think I'm ready to give up coffee 😂, I have cut down drastically on soda and sugary drinks. I've also been cutting out processed foods as much as possible and been making things from scratch instead. My biggest thing has been rediscovering my self worth and practicing self care on a whole new level.

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Kelly Warren Hammond

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Doin' a bit of the same I know if I just head first I'll get frustrated and bail. Lol. I ordered from Daily Harvest for a week's supply to give that a shot. Some things good, others not so much. I am doing 2-3 days of "good", 2-3 days of "cheating" ( living in San Antonio, so TACOS!!! ), and at least one days of fasting

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Haha exactly, this is the future

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this is great. well said and kept it classy and not name dropping the places we don't like :-D

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