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all the artists/bands ive heard at least one song to and liked a lot, very long list feel free to listen to them

Category: Music

yipee ok so ill divide this in sections so its easier for anyone wanting new recc in music :3 (also for any small bands/new artists in here make sure to support them if u like their stuff! they most def deserve all the love » Continue Reading

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DNI plus general stuff ig

Category: Blogging

ok these are just some general disclaimers for my profile lol [might update as i go, this is off the top of my head :p] ! DNI !  ! -13, +21 y/o (friends already added are fine) ! any type of phobic (ie. homophobic, transphobic, islamophobic, xenophobic, etc etc) ! racist, bigoted, nazi, groomer, pedo/MAPs, proshipper, zoo,  misogynistic, sexist, TERFs,  extremely conservative ppl, andrew tate and ... » Continue Reading

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cool blogs i found useful/interesting

Category: Blogging

job searching list to avoid how to make ur own layout customize bulletins cat pixels more pixels buncha shit to add to profiles » Continue Reading

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Category: Sports

okok so basically i wrestle right? so last year i joined my schools wrestling team, which was just guys, and me and 2 other girls were in it, but they quit as the season went on. and i never had a goal in mind really, cuz im pretty aimless for the most part in general and i never could visualize anything sporty for the life of me. but then at like 1 am i googled some stuff and found a cool pdf thi... » Continue Reading

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another abt me just bc

Category: Quiz/Survey

first name: Denim (online) middle name: dont have one lol age: 15 school: MHS womp womp  current location: my house lol date of birth: 9/30 hair color: dirty blonde eye color: brown THIS OR THAT love or money: money tbh  kiss or hug: hugzzz cat or dog:  Both :3 pepsi or coke: neither ew country or rap: rap... (neither) punch or smack: tackle lol day or night: both HAVE YOU EVER kissed opposite sex... » Continue Reading

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random shit abt me literally bc im bored

Category: Blogging

nickname:: Denim or Dani how old are you:: almost 16 zodiac sign:: Libra current location:: USA caw caw eye color:: brown hair color:: dirty blonde  height:: 5'7'' (abt 170 cm ?) your heritage:: Colombian shoes you wore today:: converse chucks have you ever ridden a mechanical bull:: nope im not a yeehaw amrican lol goal you would like to achieve this year:: do a backbend and stand up from it in o... » Continue Reading

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what am i even doing over the summer so uh lemme just make a random google form (done)

Category: Quiz/Survey

i literally have no idea what im doing w my life so im gonna make a google form for anyone whos bored n wants to let me know how much u align w my interests n stuf ig applicable to ppl who just want to be friends w me idk lol ill update once its done teehee XP ok here lol » Continue Reading

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vic appretiation w random stuff included

Category: Blogging

just for funs    (yes he had short hair i am also shocked)   HES SO CUTE X3       GOOFY GOOBER xP cool blog  explodes » Continue Reading

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help how does art work in the world in college and outside

Category: Art and Photography

hai so I decided I wanted to study art for a while now and my high school is lucky enough to have about 3 different art medium focuses with levels from 1 to AP in each (ceramics, studio art, and digital art) and ive taken studio and digital art 1 so far in both my freshman and current sophmore years, and plan on taking ceramics next year to try to figure out which branch i liked more and go from t... » Continue Reading

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