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dni list

Category: Blogging

dni:  homophobic, transphobic, racist ect ect 20 or older ai "art" "artist" 11 and under judges people for how they look thinks loli/shouta is ok fujoshi  will ask sexual questions when we just met (this has happened. thats why i added this) supports botdf, msi or jefree star proshipper  thin ice: over 18  dsmp fan kyman shipper 12 y/os (i will not accep » Continue Reading

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my opinions on scenecore/hyperpop (as an ex scenecore/hyperpop fan) (tw)

Category: Music

disclaimer i used to listen to scenecore/hyperpop but i dont anymore and i only liked scenecore/hyperpop bc i had been listening to the same songs for 3 years and it was different to what i had listened to before  THIS IS NOT A HATE BLOG IF YOU ENJOY SCENECORE/HYPERPOP I DO NOT CARE, I AM JUST SAYING WHY I DONT LIKE IT  i will be referring to scenecore/hyperpop as just hyperpop from this moment on... » Continue Reading

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the south park fandom and mischaracterisations of characters

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

south park is my all time favourite show, and was a hyperfixation (with its creators being a special interest) and i am a part of the fandom, and overall its nice, but a lot of the fandom does mischaracterise the characters. I am going to focus on Butters and Tweek for this essay(??). Tweek Tweak is one of my favourite characters, and I do find myself relating to him a lot, but a lot of the fandom... » Continue Reading

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