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Category: Life

9:14 PM   It's about time I've updated this blog. I really need to enforce writing on a daily basis upon myself again, it's an easy habit to fall out of when you are lost in your own madness. Life has been pretty fulfilling compared to how I was the last time I had posted a entry on here. For starters I don't feel like I'm stuck in one continuous loop of being miserable anymore, things have been l... » Continue Reading

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Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

Sometimes my brain gets to thinking about how better we could’ve been as a society if some artists didn’t die early. For example, Jim Morrison, he had an IQ of 149 and attended UCLA. Weather or not if he behaved well on campus is outta of the question. Still, he was a smart man and not only it reflects in his work, but as well in interviews. Always talking about the U.S economy, the climate in Ame... » Continue Reading

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first entry (of 2023)

Category: Blogging

Long time, no see! It’s been a long while since I last left you guys. Not to sure if any of my original followers are going to be reading this, but I hope you found yourself in a better place than before. I certainly haven’t pfft. Maybe that’s why i’m currently writing this blog entry. In my first -and last- entry, I mentioned I was going to start blogging some what daily in order to help me with ... » Continue Reading

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first entry (of 2022)

Category: Blogging

Hi! I’ve always tried blogging my life. Rather it was  online or in writing, it’s always something i’ve tried doing. It’s honestly quite therapeutic. Hopefully I can find this helpful. And I will try my absolute best to keep up with my blog entries. If there is a day I don’t write please don’t worry! I’m probably just fucking about. I’m currently in class for summer school listening to “Spit” by K... » Continue Reading

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