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first entry (of 2023)

Long time, no see! It’s been a long while since I last left you guys. Not to sure if any of my original followers are going to be reading this, but I hope you found yourself in a better place than before. I certainly haven’t pfft. Maybe that’s why i’m currently writing this blog entry. In my first -and last- entry, I mentioned I was going to start blogging some what daily in order to help me with my mental issues. Yeah… that didn’t go as I had thought it would’ve. Writing is what i’m passionate about, but whenever it comes to simplifying my day to day, I can’t. Probably because I love taking my time to bask in my emotions. Once I feel something intense, I like to sit in it for while. Just to feel the sizzle. I’m too sensitive and dramatic for normal talk. Anyways, i’m now trying to blog for the same exact reason. To help better myself. Stick around if you want. Thank you!

- Jezebel 10:43PM

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hi!! i know we dont know each other but i hope you get to feel better now. i know that feeling of only knowing what to write when the feeling is intense lol. just blog whenever u feel comfy !!
hope ure good, sending hugsss

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Thank you! You made my day :) xoxo

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