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Sometimes my brain gets to thinking about how better we could’ve been as a society if some artists didn’t die early. For example, Jim Morrison, he had an IQ of 149 and attended UCLA. Weather or not if he behaved well on campus is outta of the question. Still, he was a smart man and not only it reflects in his work, but as well in interviews. Always talking about the U.S economy, the climate in America, spreading body positivity, and so much more other rabbit holes of conversations. So much people can learn from. Jim also helped push androgyny and in a interview with Ray Manzarek, he said men would hate Jim for the “forbidden” feelings he stir in them. Kurt Cobain is just another example. He believed that women were more superior and advocated for gay rights. He too, also played around with gender roles by dressing up on stage. I mean could you imagine the impact this information could have on pre-pubescent incels who think they’re edgelords. Not just them either, a bunch of other artists (people who create) like Jimi Hendrix, Heath Ledger, Jeff Buckley, and Elliot Smith. They could’ve taugt the world alot longer. These people already have made a lasting impact on us, but I wonder what it would’ve been like if they stayed awhile longer.

P.S: Sorry for the blog entry being so random. Whenever I have a long thought in my head that’s seemly important, I have to write it up like a short essay.

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Also sometimes I think about how Kurt Cobain was still doing sets while his daughter was just 12 days old. Hearing that reminded me of when they would make Amy Winehouse do sets while she clearly needed help. Y’all should’ve just let the man be a father.

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