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anime webcore dump site*+:。.。

Category: Blogging

hi i made a site full of cool gifs and pics i like. posting this so other people can see and use my gatherings for their profiles. click here! » Continue Reading

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my Tripp NYC collection˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

I've been collecting for some time now,, here's my pickings take a look!! I love this top, not so much the skirt. top looks great with some skinny jeans. Probably my favorite set! IT'S PURPLE TOO what's not to love? Not the most flattering of my sets. IT'S PURPLE AND PINK THOO!! if only it was a size smaller. tied with the purple striped set..this blue is just STUNNING i adore every little detail.... » Continue Reading

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some figures⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚

Category: Art and Photography

just felt like taking pics of my favorite figures.. mostly sonico and miku :3 enjoy! you scrolled this far? nice. » Continue Reading

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rave pics.ೃ࿐

Category: Friends

loved my outfit sm...should've taken more pics of it. » Continue Reading

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good stuff ~☆

Category: Life

here once again after quite a hiatus. ^w^ moved into the boyfriend's apartment, life has been great and it's getting better. he let me put super sonico up all over the bathroom so he's definitely the one. we also adopted a kitty and she's everything i've ever dreamed of in a cat ;3 my whole world named maxine. she took this small shark plushie i had lying around and decided it's hers. I allow it a... » Continue Reading

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The making of Silent hill 2 & 3

Category: Podcast

stumbled upon these two documentary's of silent hill 2 & 3. I've never really had anything to do with silent hill ever (besides my long lasting lust for pyramid man that's not relavent) but these videos have peaked my interest. am now dying to get my hands on this game,, maybe i can make it work on my shit desktop.i'm so enamored with team silent ik I'm super late to the party but goddamn. silent ... » Continue Reading

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small room dump

Category: Life

I'll have to pretty it up and post a room tour. happy easter happy passover happy ramadan happy margaret thatcher death day » Continue Reading

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moenin smellas

Category: Podcast

heyy u devils.. am lying on my dirty dog hair chinchilla fur chinchilla dust covered rug. weeee. guess what one of these fuckers did. they ate my copy of volume 9 tokyo ghoul. it was totally my fault for letting the devilish one loose and falling asleep, definitely my bad for thinking he wouldn't be able to reach it...but this is my SECOND COPY OF THIS SAME VOLUME THAT HAS BEEN RUINED. first time ... » Continue Reading

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