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Existing at hospitals TW: bl0od metion!!!

Category: Life

A few days ago I had to go to the hospital bc they needed my blood for an exam, idk if I'm the only one who feels this kind of stuff when entering an hospital but, Waking up early so I can get attended fastly, not eating breakfast so my blood doesn't becomes contaminated for the exam, the slight cool from the A/C.  It makes me feel like I entered to a distant part of the reali ty, also the fact th... » Continue Reading

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First day blog!!!

Category: School, College, University

The nicest teacher I could ever ask for is my classroom counselor and she even brought us some oreos and popsicles :D Also my BF came back to my school (we met at our current school but he went to another school because of the pandemic) but I'm sad bc my bestie is in another classroom and we will only see eachother mostly at recess. The only thing that bothered me was the whole act at the school g... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

I'm so bored… It's 1:43 AM rn and I'm not sleepy, but I have to fix my sleep schedule before next week bc I go back to school And It's my turn to do the laundry tomorrow so, I should get some sleep so I can wake up early » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

hi, I'm new here and honestly idk what to do I just wanted to blog something I'm thinking of starting like some kind of diary when school starts (I go back to school on march) » Continue Reading

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