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Names, Gender, Dissociation and Identity

Category: Life

Names: I used to always ask people, "what would you think my name was if you didn't know it?" I would always get pretty much the same response of- "Genesis (my birth name) suits you!" or "your name is so cool!" I agree, Genesis is a kick ass name but I can't help but feel so disconnected from it. Sometimes, i write out my name and it doesn't even look RIGHT. It's confusing to look at, as if it's a... » Continue Reading

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Science and Faith

Category: Religion and Philosophy

    I'm incredibly interested on the different viewpoints concerning faith/spirituality and science.      Please please answer this question, I'm very intrigued with some of the answers I've gotten. Please also explain your answer... what does it mean TO YOU?  ...Imagine you have two cups...     Cup 1- Science- The physical proof and scientific evidence of things such as life, chemistry, biology a... » Continue Reading

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Scholarship Applications. Please Give Me Advice.

Category: School, College, University

    I'm currently working on my scholarship applications for nursing school. The one I'm currently working on is based on Mental Health. In general through, do you have any advice for applications? How personal should they be? Should I use more ethos, logos or pathos... all three? Please let me know! thank you! » Continue Reading

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New England for those who think it's in Europe.

Category: Blogging

   If I say New England and you think of Europe... Why?? New England is the North Eastern tip of America, it refers to the Northern states of Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. So there ya go. Please stop asking if I'm from Europe. Or, "Oh, that's in Europe, right?"      » Continue Reading

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